Who’s that suspicious-looking guy running from the police? It’s a burglar! It’s a terrorist! No, It’s Tobias Hrothgar! This man wears his trench coat with ease and his black, feathered fedora with style. He’s living in hiding from approximately 23 countries and he’s discovering things you couldn’t even imagine. Faerie tales? False. These are the hidden things of the world. Come along now. Hop down with us into the strange new world of Hrothgar. Just be warned: Those who take the jump never come back…

Recent Happenings

Older, Wiser, & More Delusional

I can see it now; you open up your inbox and see a strange and peculiar name pop up: Tobias Hrothgar. A sense of dread a disgust well up inside of you as traumatic memories resurface. It’s that blog. You had all but recovered from the time such emails appeared with frequency, and it’s all…

The Liebster Award

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh dear, yet another award with that Hrothgarian Unger fellow. I would much prefer to be battling a pickle (yes, a pickle can indeed be a formidable enemy) in the Blastedly Bothersome Bogs of Blunderbibble than read through another award post. This guy’s so lame.”


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