Who’s that suspicious-looking guy running from the police? It’s a burglar! It’s a terrorist! No, It’s Tobias Hrothgar! This man wears his trench coat with ease and his black, feathered fedora with style. He’s living in hiding from approximately 23 countries and he’s discovering things you couldn’t even imagine. Faerie tales? False. These are the hidden things of the world. Come along now. Hop down with us into the strange new world of Hrothgar. Just be warned: Those who take the jump never come back…

Recent Happenings

A Christmas Treat — That Between Is & Not

Andrew’s been growing a bit restless as of late, which worries me. I’m afraid some of what we showed him welcomed a dangerous sense of want, so I’ve been trying to keep his longing at bay by keeping him busy. Unfortunately, I had to go away when I began picking up bizarre continuum readings. Vail, graciously, said that he would be willing to keep an eye on our friend Andrew while I went away, so at least if he tries anything foolish, I’ll be quickly informed. … More A Christmas Treat — That Between Is & Not

Confused Cat

The Butter-Cat In Short

Today we will look at a monologue I had to write and present before the Hrothgarian Science division. It is very informative and introduces a concept I intent to expound upon in a fact book in later years. Butter-Cat science is one of my greatest areas of interest, and I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed writing it. … More The Butter-Cat In Short


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The Ingenious Inception – Book Trailer

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