A Curious Coalition

Rumor has been spreading like wildfire. This is perfectly normal and happens all the time. Most of the rumors are not true, yet widely believed (like the one about Teffleman’s death), but some are quite true, yet widely ignored (like the one about the death of Chuck Norris). But there is one rumor that has been floating around for quite some time, but no one yet knows what to think of it. It has been heard that Tobias Hrothgar has formed an alliance with two equally famed authors, Karl Bickerstaff and Sames Muris! We have already heard of an alliance between Tobias and Bickerstaff. Though this seems quite impossible and unusual Tobias has done stranger things, so these rumors may be quite true. It is said that this trio has given themselves the title The Ingenious 3. Well, these rumors aren’t rumors any longer. I am here to announce that this alliance is true and that the three of them have already accomplished many things. They have made a YouTube channel, they’ve solved the butter cat scenario, they’ve even made their own website. You can visit their site at theingenious3.firebaseapp.com

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