Adventitious Acquaintances

There has been, for some time, stories of a strange new figure emerging from the shadows of The Ingenious 3. An author of the likeness of Tobias Hrothgar himself. This said person goes by the name Torfis Teffleman. Tobias has known Torfis for nearly as long as he’s known Sames and Karl. They bumped into each other in Ludere Imperium, where Torfis had taken refuge from the wretched people of Nod. They have already had many adventures together, and Torfis has even begun his first book. He has made a website, too, on which he posts new blog posts regularly. Here is his website:

Another character has emerged—or more accurately, popped into existence—from the vast numbers of the unknown peoples. His name is Jerome Frazier III, and he’s quite a unique fellow. He has no written works so far, but that probably won’t remain the case for long.

The Ingenious 3—and especially Tobias—have been influencing many people, and growing new authors. In a couple of decades there may be so many writers that there will be no one to read their books. Perhaps there will be no more story ideas to think up. Whatever the case, at least once the chaos dies down we’ll all have plenty to read. Follow Tobias’s example, and you will reach either fame or insanity. It’s not completely worth the risk, but go ahead. You might not regret it.

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