Tedious Tales

Several months ago we received word, by telegram, that Tobias Hrothgar is writing a few new stories. The first, The Clock-Maker’s Son, tells the tale of boy, a watch, and an old cow. That is all I am able to tell you at the moment. We don’t know much more.

The second story is known as It Was A Dark & Stormy Night. Almost every sane person in the world knows this tale, for it has already been written by a very well known author, namely Snoopy. Snoopy told this fascinating story but, believe it or not, he did not tell the whole story. From what we can gather it seems he was planning on writing the whole thing, but he never got around to it. Tobias found Snoopy’s plans and we believe he is currently putting them together and is writing a full story out of it.

You can now preorder both of these book at the Books page. We will tell you when these books are published, but for now, read what you like.

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