The Hrothgarian Chronicle

After much work and constant begging, Tobias has finally agreed to make a newspaper, namely the Hrothgarian Chronicle (Tobias is not necessarily known for being humble). This newspaper contains news, stories, sports, art, and much more. Among the articles that we have received, you may find the epic travels of the Anonymous Adventurer, the alliterative adventures of Oswald Ogglethworp, and an interview with a stuffed panda named Op (?). Someday soon these stories and such will all be available to the general public. Before you get disappointed, we do not tell anything about Sames’s mysterious history, or Tobias’s current residence. I’m not even sure Tobias knows either of those.

One more thing before you go. This fall Tobias plans to finally release one of his works, specifically his biography. Of course plans may change, and Tobias may die a gruesome death before this book is published, so you might as well look forward to king Arthur’s return.

Until next time, if there even is a next time,

Tobias Hrothgar.

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