The Recollections Of 3

We’ve known about Tobias’s new biography, The Ingenious Inception, for quite a while now, but what we did not know was that this is the first book in a series of books, known as The Recollections Of 3. No only will Tobias be a writer of this series, but so will all of the rest of the Ingenious 3. This five book trilogy will will be a huge hit, maybe even becoming the Hrothgarian Chronicle #3 bestseller (we don’t do #1). The first two books may be released close together. They will be Tobias Hrothgar’s Ingenious Inception and Torfis Teffleman’s Torfis’s Toilsome Tribulations. They tell of the events leading up to the meeting of Teffleman and Hrothgar. That is all I have to tell at the meantime.

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