Spontaneous Support

Support can come from all sorts of places. Most of it tends to come from your mom, but sometimes you can get support that actually counts. You may get your support from friends, enemies, the trash can, or any other place where people hang around a lot. However, seeing as Tobias Hrothgar’s friends are as unpopular as he himself is, his enemies keep themselves well hidden, & the very dumpsters of his country of residence are being monitored… Well, you get the idea.

As it is, whatever support Tobias can get, he is unspeakably grateful for. That’s why we’re all quite thankful for what Elisha McFarland (yes, the world-famous blogger) has done for us by featuring this site on his blog. Of course, he would not have known of the site had it not been for Karleigh Provost, & her desire to spread abroad the knowledge of Tobias’s existence. However, we still have much to thank Mister McFarland for, as he found this site fit to tell people about. The post promoting Tobias’s site can be found here.

That’s about as much as I have for you right now. If you think you can stand this insanity, & you wish to be notified when more posts of this likeness are released, then subscribe to Hrothgarian Productions. If you just can’t stand all this, then give it a couple of decades. You’ll warm up us. Maybe.

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