Concerning Teffleman

Allow me to tell you a bit about the white sheep of the Ingenious 3. No, I’m not speaking of Sames Muris, even though he does seem depressing enough to be compared to modern society. I’m speaking of Torfis Teffleman.

Torfis Tyson Teffleman, the fourth or fifth member of the Ingenious 3, is quite a character. He was born in the Republic of Nod, in the city of Ashebourne, on the only August of 1993. Torfis was born to two parents, as is normal. Their names were Thomas and April. Thomas was a philosophy teacher in the only elementary school in Ashebourne (no doubt he was the only philosophy teacher to ever teach at any elementary school). April spent most of her time at home, but she had an annual job doing spring cleaning for people around the neighborhood every… well… every April. This is just the beginning of his life, as a regular, boring human. The rest of his life wasn’t so peaceful—that is, it wasn’t so boring.

While Mister Teffleman may have been quite ordinary in all other regards, he had a unique skill at recognizing faces in the midst of a chaotic crowd. People with this ability are often called “super-recognizers.” This ability got Torfis in quite a bit of trouble and led to one of the most exciting and dangerous chains of events to take place in this world.

Everything that happened next is recorded in the collected works of the Recollections of 3, a tale of hardship and orangutans. Basically the best way to sum it up is Torfis made a bunch of the wrong friends, who were a bad influence on him, and turned him into another black sheep like themselves. Now, because of this bad influence, Torfis is an outlaw in his own country, his turtle is dead, he is writing an exciting story about his adventures, and he is now running a popular company known as Teffleman & Co. (the very title sends shivers down my spine).

Teffleman, being somewhat common in most manners, may seem like a fifth wheel in the Ingenious 3, but in fact, they would all be dead without him. You see, genii (plural of genius) think. They think very hard about very hard and complicated things. Unfortunately, nearly all of the Ingenious 3 are genii. How is this a bad thing? Well, genii are known to think hard, and no other way. As soon as they are presented with a simple puzzle their hardworking minds try to find a very complex solution to the puzzle. Torfis doesn’t have this problem. He’s quite a sensible person, who the basic picture of things quite well. In fact, he may be able to do that better than anyone else. While the details may make up the big picture, you can’t tell the big picture quite so well by looking at it with a magnifying glass all the time. This is what makes Torfis Teffleman so special and important. You could call him the Watson of the Ingenious 3.

So, as you can see, it is a dangerous thing to associate oneself with writers who meddle in the affairs of dragons. However, it also makes life much more interesting, and you might as well take the risk.

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