Concerning Bickerstaff

This man is completely different from Torfis Teffleman in numerous ways, both good and bad. Karl is tall, he has a great length, and he is altitudinous (did I mention that he’s tall?). We can’t spend too long talking about his height, so we might as well move on to other matters concerning this skyscraper of a man.

Karl Bickerstaff was born around 1980 somewhere in Europe. He was raised by two parents until he moved out and unexpectedly lost one of the parents to a sociopathic killer. Bickerstaff began pursuing the villain so that he might avenge his dead mother, who couldn’t care less, cause she was dead, but let’s not speak of such trivial matters as death.

Karl had a good amount of training in college, so he became an unofficial, freelancing detective of sorts, so that he might stop crime in the world, like Batman. Along the way he met Cindy Thompson, who became his associate due to various troubles and death experiences that are probably going to discussed in a future biography by Karl Bickerstaff.

After Karl’s life reached its apex at about 34 years of age things began to get much more exciting. This is when Karl Bickerstaff met Tobias Hrothgar, which is written in the Ingenious Inception. You’re probably getting tired of skipping over such huge parts of his life, so I’ll get to the stuff you are allowed to know.

Karl has a mustache, but no beard; he has large round glasses, but no scar; height, but no stilts; a trench coat, but no scarf; a cane, but no leg injuries as far as I know. Quite the mystery, that Bickerstaff.

Bickerstaff has many talents. Among his strengths are deduction, reading people, sneaking (how? I have no idea), and poetry. Tobias is quite familiar with Karl’s sneaking habits. That’s how they met actually. Karl kidnapped Tobias.

Anyway, this is about all I know. Karl knows more about himself than I do, thus you might have better luck if you visited his website.

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One thought on “Concerning Bickerstaff

  1. Actually, I believe this information is to be revealed in the Ingenious Inception. It is, in fact, the book in which Tobias Hrothgar is supposed to meet most of his associates.


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