Concerning Lampposts

Ah, this is the moment you have all been waiting for. I shall finally give you a look into the lives of the most mysterious figure in the Ingenious 3: Sames Muris & Alfred Bob. Let’s start with a physical description. They are an average height man, with a neatly trimmed, short, dark brown beard. They wear a long black tench coat, and black top hat, and carry an equally black umbrella.

Sames Muris & Alfred Bob are an odd fellow. They share one body, though I’m not sure how. I have a suspicion Sames’s body was sick of Sames’s pessimism, so he was kicked out. Whatever the case, they exist together, if not for any other reason than to frustrate us immensely.

Which one is in control? I believe they alternate between controlling the body, but neither of them can control who’s in charge. Sometimes it’s Sames, sulking in dark corners, making the world look dark and terrifying, sometimes it’s Alfred, jumping about making friends and eating ice-cream sundaes while watching the butterflies.

As far as we can tell, these two have been bonded for hundreds, or maybe even thousands of years. They’ve been revealed throughout history in writing and art. There are many legends about the two faced faced man, the light guardian. The Romans named him Janus, the god of doorways. Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired by a time he used traveled with this man.

Sames Muris is the darkest of the duo. He seems most the time to be very serious, but he is also quite sharp and wise. Sames has been known to deduct what significant events will come out of seemingly insignificant actions. He predicted world war one just after the civil war had come to a close.

Alfred Bob is known to be almost exactly the opposite of Sames. He’s jolly and fun, and very good at making new friends. He is often seen as unlearned and air-headed, but this assumption is simply wrong. Alfred is nearly as intelligent as Sames in some areas, while absolutely clueless in others. He is skilled in many forms of combat, especially a type of martial art that has not been discovered by the rest of the world.

Alfred & Sames are like lightning & thunder, the deadly fighter and the intelligent strategist. They are the two sides of a coin. While they seem to be completely opposite they are one and the same(s. I just had to), welded together as brothers until they die (if that’s even possible, seeing how long they’ve lived).

That’s just about all we have on this conundrum of a men. We hear Tobias has more information that he intends to write down, but we all know that means you’ll have to wait until you hair is grey. Thank you for this post, unless you didn’t read it, in which case I denounce you and disrespect you (just kidding. Maybe). Please subscribe, and we’ll be sending the next post in no time.

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