The Phantom Mountains

In the year of 1907, Robert Edwin Peary made an expedition to the north pole, one which he succeeded at but which he thought he failed (long story). During his journey, he saw a range of mountains to the northwestern shore of Ellesmere Island. This land he named “Crocker Land”, after a banker in San Francisco. … More The Phantom Mountains

A Peculiar Personage

August of 1963 seemed no different than any other August of 1963. Things people were dying, people were being born, people were being high; nothing unusual. However, on the night of the eleventh, if you looked in the window of a particular apartment building in Los Angeles—the third window up and sixth to the right—you might have seen a pair of eyes looking back out at you. … More A Peculiar Personage

Past Occurrences

A lot can happen in a short period of time. One day is filled with a lifetime of events. Imagine all that time extended over the past eight-thousand years. Then multiply it by the number of dimensional layers. There is more history across the entire dimensional foundation than there is room to write it down … More Past Occurrences

Another Trio?

Tobias has quite a few associates whom he has gathered through the years. Some of his oldest associates, from before the Ingenious 3, were a trio who called themselves—well, they actually didn’t call themselves anything, as far as I know. However, they had their own personal names, given to them at birth. These names are … More Another Trio?