Another Trio?

Tobias has quite a few associates whom he has gathered through the years. Some of his oldest associates, from before the Ingenious 3, were a trio who called themselves—well, they actually didn’t call themselves anything, as far as I know. However, they had their own personal names, given to them at birth. These names are Jerome Frazier III, Winter Koninjke Vogel, and Ito Mars. These three began working together as far as high school, and possibly before. They are as close as siblings and work together as if they were mentally connected. So now allow me to introduce you to the Unnamed 3.

Jerome Frazier III is someone we touched on a little bit before, but now I want to go into greater detail. Jerome was born into a very rich, formal family. For six generations the Fraziers were greatly respected; however, Jerome showed himself to be a disgrace to the family. This was the case not only because he had red hair, but also because he had a great interest in sports and “athletic nonsense”. He might have been kicked out of the family, but he’s the only heir, so he still has access to a significant amount of money. With this money, Jerome funds the projects that Winter & Ito dream up.

Winter Koninjke Vogel is a builder and a mechanic. Since she was two years old she was amazingly skilled in all kinds of structural construction that no two-year-old, or building blocks, should be capable of. This is why she became the builder when she started working with her friends.

Ito Mars is the brains of the group. He’s extremely absent-minded and often seems a bit… not there, but he doesn’t forget anything he hears. He comes up with the most ingenious inventions and forms plans and ideas that no one could’ve even considered. If he were more well known he would be the Einstein of the modern age. In fact, he debunked several of Einstein’s theories, along with a few “scientific laws”.

These three significantly contributed to Tobias’s travels and to the fact that he’s still alive, which is nice.

That’s all we have for the time being. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. We have an idea in the oven that we’ll share with you as soon as the plans have been settled. Subscribe now so you can easily be updated on that. Until then, don’t die.

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