A Peculiar Personage

This probably isn’t as Wednesday as you might have expected, but I’ve been trying not to die. Whatever the case, let’s jump to our story. Watch your step.

August of 1963 seemed no different than any other August of 1963. Things people were dying, people were being born, people were being high; nothing unusual. However, on the night of the eleventh, if you looked in the window of a particular apartment building in Los Angeles—the third window up and sixth to the right—you might have seen a pair of eyes looking back out at you.

“So what?” you may ask. “There are thousands of people in LA. Does a single person looking out their window really matter?” Well, you may be right under most circumstances, but allow me to expound: Say you were to see these out peeking out the window that night on that building. If you were unfamiliar with the location then nothing would seem amiss. On the other hand, if you were quite familiar with this location than you would probably think you had taken one drink too many. That’s just how it is when someone looks out a window that doesn’t exist.

The apartment building of interest had never been there in the first place. Usually, there was no more than a thickly wooded area that no one ever seemed to enter, though they weren’t necessarily sure why they wouldn’t enter. It would have been an ideal location to put a house or apartment, but not a person ever went near it.

Back to the night of the eleventh: One man, Herbert Ridley, noticed and reported the phantom apartment. The police laughed at him, but they stopped laughing after they saw this structure for themselves. Stumped, they quit their jobs and began to make wild conspiracies concerning aliens, Russians, and the phantoms of those who died in the Titanic accident. Most of these theories were complete and utter nonsense, but there was one that seemed more likely than most.

That land used to be owned by a paranoid hermit many decades before. The man was believed to be absolutely loopy and for good reason; after all, he claimed that “he is coming back to punish me” and “the rip will take me to safety.” When further inquired on the matter he merely stated the rip was invisible, then he would clam up remain in fearful silence for any other questions asked. Someone came up with a theory about the matter. He suggested that the rip had taken the man to safety. After all, no one remembers what happened to the crazy old man. Only that he was there then he was not.

Could it be that the old man returned that night in 1963? Did he really get taken by the rip? Whatever the case, the apartment was gone the morning after its sighting. Some people believed, most dismissed it as the regular occurrence of very high people stumbling the streets having hallucinations; however, the story has been passed down until now. What do you think about the whole matter?

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2 thoughts on “A Peculiar Personage

  1. We have found no new information on the matter since 1963, but we believe that this is a matter Hrothgar has done some research on. Don’t expect to learn any more about it, but there’s a chance.


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