The Phantom Mountains

In the year of 1907, Robert Edwin Peary made an expedition to the north pole, one which he succeeded at but which he thought he failed (long story). During his journey, he saw a range of mountains to the northwestern shore of Ellesmere Island. This land he named “Crocker Land”, after a banker in San Francisco.

Six years after this “failed” journey, another expedition was launched in the year 1913, lead by a man named Donald Baxter MacMillan. This expedition went out in search of Crocker Land. MacMillan sighted the mountains in the distance and the group followed them for miles and miles. Through all the traveling they seemed to get no nearer to the mountains; in fact, they seemed further away than before. Finally, the mysterious Crocker Land vanished completely, leaving the group bewildered.

It was eventually decided this mountain range had merely been a mirage, and that Crocker land had never existed. Peary’s diary was found later with information saying he made up the land completely, as an attempt to gain support from Mr. Crocker. All this information you can find in history books, but I have more information to share with you that tears down everything that is believed about the matter today.

Peary never wrote about this mountain range being fake. In fact, he’d done more than see Crocker Land; he visited it. Much of his diary had gone missing, and we have reason to believe that this information was ripped from the book and new information was put in place by an enemy of Peary’s; either that or someone who needed to keep all this information a secret, to protect the land.

Peary wrote of how he went out of his way to see these mountains. There was something about them that called to him. He traveled through snow and through fog, but rather than the weather getting colder it got warmer. Snow was replaced by rain, and rain was replaced by clear skies. Trees emerged around them, then birds could be heard. The expeditioners eventually found their coats to be far to warm for them and had to leave them behind. When they reached the peak of one of these mountains Peary wrote that it was a sight he would never forget. Despite the fact that the Arctic Ocean should have been at the other side of Crocker Land, Peary said there was nothing but a green valley as far as the eye could see. There were even various places dotted about where smoke was rising from the trees, indicating civilization. They camped out on the mountain as unfamiliar stars spread overhead. Unfortunately, in the morning, they woke up where they had been before Peary had changed his course. They tried to return to the mountains, but they disappeared. The expedition eventually went back home after stopping by the north pole unwittingly.

Never since then has this strange land been visited as far as we are aware. We’re not sure why the mountains wouldn’t allow Peary to return, or why they wouldn’t let MacMillan visit. There’s also the matter of the forged diary entry, and how the rest was found at Hrothgar’s doorstep, but some things may never be understood.

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