5 Steps For Beginning A Magnificent Novel

Tobias Hrothgar is an excellent writer who has developed many stories (most of which have yet to be written about); however, you may not know that I am a writer myself. As such, I know how much fun creative writing can be, and I want to help you to join into the fun. If you’re already a writer then some of these techniques may be useful in improving your skill. If you see a decrease in your writing quality then please tell me not to write any more of these posts. I’m certainly no professional. Now, all that said, let’s get to it.… Read More 5 Steps For Beginning A Magnificent Novel

Not Alone

Look around you. What do you see? Perhaps it’s your bedroom; your bed is against one wall, the TV hanging on the other wall, and clothes scattered across the floor. Or maybe it’s the living room with you sitting on the recliner, mother and father are on the sofa, little brother is playing on the floor. Now close your eyes and look around again. You can’t see anything, can you? However, you can assume everything is exactly the same as it was with your eyes open. Or is it really? After all, you can’t see anything. I believe that things are very different when you close your eyes. The world has many wondrous and terrible secrets that we cannot see. Let’s find out what these are together.… Read More Not Alone

The Great Escape

Patience is a virtue. You’ve probably heard this saying countless times in your lifetime. In fact, you’re undoubtedly quite tired of hearing it. Usually when someone says this, they are doing one of two things. They could be saying “shut up and wait”, which would be quite impolite when spoken in such a form, or they may merely be avoiding the matter altogether by stating a true fact that’s masquerading as a plea for you to wait.… Read More The Great Escape

The Quiet Forest

You have probably said many times before that it’s “quiet”. You may have been in a library, alone in your bed late at night, or buried underground for your own reasons, trying to work your way to the surface. However, consider, if you would, your surrounding conditions during these times. It’s never truly been quiet, has it? Whether it’s the turn of the pages, the rustling of an unknown creature lurking outside, or even just the vibrations of the earth, there’s always noise all around you. Absolute and complete silence is something that very few people have experienced and which you do not want to experience. Now, with this in mind, let me introduce you to the quiet forest, Isychia. … Read More The Quiet Forest

Refuge Attained

Things are difficult all the time. Just read the news. There are robberies, murders, car accidents, sock related fatalities, and countless other hardships every day. Fortunately, these times of difficulty aren’t permanent, and people can live peacefully and happily. You may be surprised to here it, but this is the case for even Tobias Hrothgar. I haven’t been updating you on his whereabouts and well-being of late, but now I have some quite significant news to inform you of: Tobias has successfully escaped to America.… Read More Refuge Attained

A New Era

“What is this? Where am I? Why has everything changed so?” Ah, my good friends: This is WordPress. I’m sorry for the lack of warning, but I decided to transfer this website to WordPress as I have seen a lot of good come from it in the blogs of some friends and associates of mine. So here we are, the beginning of a new age. Let’s see how well this goes.… Read More A New Era