A New Era

“What is this? Where am I? Why has everything changed so?” Ah, my good friends: This is WordPress. I’m sorry for the lack of warning, but I decided to transfer this website to WordPress as I have seen a lot of good come from it in the blogs of some friends and associates of mine. So here we are, the beginning of a new age. Let’s see how well this goes.

Oh, I’m sorry. Allow me to introduce myself if you are new to this. My name is Jacob Unger. I am the CEO of Hrothgarian Productions and all things related. I first associated with Tobias Hrothgar many years ago in a case that involved a disappearing wall. Before I met the man I always assumed–along with everybody else–that he was a criminal and a terrorist. After my time with him I learned how far from the truth I was. Ever since that day I have done all I can to spread my newfound knowledge to world. Thus, Hrothgarian Productions was born.

However, with my time here I’m going to do more than talk about Hrothgar. I have much to tell you and share with you. I will share stories which both he and his associates have written, I will tell you about strange and inexplicable anomalies of the past, and so much more. You just have to trust me. So join us.

We begin this journey very soon. Are you prepared for what is to come? Subscribe to us if you are ready to embark on our voyage. The time is come and I must go. Welcome to the world of Tobias Hrothgar.

Ever onward,

Jacob Unger.

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