Not Alone

Look around you. What do you see? Perhaps it’s your bedroom; your bed is against one wall, the TV hanging on the other wall, and clothes scattered across the floor. Or maybe it’s the living room with you sitting on the recliner, mother and father are on the sofa, little brother is playing on the floor. Now close your eyes and look around again. You can’t see anything, can you? However, you can assume everything is exactly the same as it was with your eyes open. Or is it really? After all, you can’t see anything. I believe that things are very different when you close your eyes. The world has many wondrous and terrible secrets that we cannot see. Let’s find out what these are together.

When you are alone in a dark room, you often feel that something is creeping about, watching you from behind your back. When you feel Its presence, just close your eyes. Do you feel safer? Then you are being guarded by one of Them, one who heard your cry when you were born and longed to protect and comfort you. That is Their way and Their duty. However, just as is so with us, They also often ignore their duty for their own enjoyment. When you close your eyes and feel less safe than you had before, this means there is something very wrong. You are in grave danger and One has chosen to prey on you. So many people have dragged off into the dark; lost and forgotten. Their very memory is wiped from our minds and all records so that we do not even know they are gone. However, we are aware deep inside and are overwhelmed by an inexplicable feeling of sorrow and sadness. It is something we have grown used to as They increase in numbers and take thousands every day. And can we stop Them? No, for what power have we against Those we cannot see? What knowledge have we against Those we have forgotten? But it is our life now. We know no other.

Their brothers are much like Them. They hide in the dark and fear be seen. However, They’re not always as stealthy. Consider a moonlit light, when the shadows are long and dark. You believe you see the silhouette of something moving, but in a moment it is gone. You may also see Them other times as a flash of motion out the corner of your eye or in the light reflecting off of a polished pot. They dance about happily, and they can be mischievous. They flash like lights in the woods, leading lost travelers around dragon holes or into deep lakes from which they cannot surface. But not all of Them are dangerous. They usually stay a safe distance and go about Their own lives. From time to time They will save helpless people who are lost or in danger. In fact, they have been protecting us for centuries, lurking in the shadows, helping where help is needed.

It was long ago that these strange Creatures, and others, came to us. We needed protection, They needed a purpose. I know not where They came from but I believe it was a place that was before most of the rest was not (read over that a few times if you’re confused. If it doesn’t deepen your confusion then it should help). I know that They came before the rest was not, so They had to have come from somewhere that was. I’m not sure that even Sames and Alfred are aware that They exist. They are ancient and mysterious. Stay alert at all times, and do not linger when you feel a threatening presence around you at those times that you think you are alone. Spread the word abroad. This could save countless lives that we might have forgotten. Something has been changing that I have felt strongly around me, everywhere I go; a disturbance and uneasiness. I feel something great is about to begin, yet something terrible. I have no absolute proof that I’m right about any of this, but we are very soon to find out.

This was a shorter post that I normally attempt, but I think I got my point across. Please follow me, avoid death, and I hope to get back to you Friday.

Ever onward,

Jacob Unger.

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