5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Karl

The Karl is one of our most feared and studied creature. He is not only tall, but he also bears a moustache unmatched and unreachable to the rest of society. I honestly think he fell out of the late 1800s or something, yet here he is. Shall we begin?

1. The Karl is an excellent cook.

This may come as a mild surprise to some of you, but it is completely true in most respects. His pasta is one of the main sources of joy that the Hrothgarians get to experience when they are trapped in an underground system of tunnels with no clear escape. And his pancakes? Never has a more amazing breakfast been cooked. Bacon pancakes? Easier than pie (though pies not one of his specialties). Even if it doesn’t turn out well, the food never goes to waste. It can be quite useful as ammo, and I believe he once slowed time with a fruit cake.

2. The Karl is the second oldest of the Ingenious 3.

Karl is in his mid-thirties. He has been solving mysteries since Tobias was a teenager and Torfis was still in elementary school. Has age improved upon his wisdom? I’m not sure I’m allowed to answer that, but no.

3. The Karl has a pet cat.

Bickerstaff ended up buying a Siamese kitten for complicated reasons. He has a strange dislike for all feline creatures. He named this kitten Karlos and it has proved to be… useful. No one’s quite sure what it is about Karlos, but Karlos is Karlos. He has proved to be just about as unique as Karl himself.

I turned around to see that, not only had Karl bought the doughnuts that I requested, but he also bought the cat.

A Siamese kitten was walking across Mister Bickerstaff’s shoulders, purring happily, despite the fact that the little thing was farther from the ground than most cats have been in an entire lifetime.

“Really, Karl? A cat?”

“What? It was your suggestion.”

“I was being sarcastic! Doesn’t anyone understand a good bit of sarcasm?”

Karl ignored me and held the cat instead. “Don’t listen to the terrorist, Karlos. He’s a mean, grumpy fellow, with no sense of style.”

“Look who’s speaking,” I muttered. “You even named the cat? Now I’ll never be able to make you get rid of him.”

“Karlos with a ‘K’, that is, and of course I’m keeping him.”

The Ingenious Inception

4. The Karl dropped out of college to join the British Defense Intelligence.

Bickerstaff left the University of Sterling in Scotland before he finished so that he could follow his passion for enforcing the law in the Defense Intelligence. Some people would have told him that this was a really stupid choice and that he should have gone into basketball, but it’s too late to go back now.

5. The Karl has a younger brother.

Now, this is certainly an interesting fact to know. Karl’s younger brother is named the Conan. Conan Bickerstaff is just a couple years younger than Karl and nearly as tall. However, they have much in common. They share parents, for one thing. That’s all I can think of. I believe that Conan goes on to become a famous basketball player, but I could be wrong. I also could be right, so there’s that.

That’s all I got for you at the moment. Wasn’t that exciting? No? Okay, then I need to do some more research on this tall fellow. There’s a lot to learn. For example, did you realize that Karl has never seen the BBC series, Sherlock? I mean, how could he possibly live with this knowledge, especially considering he… well, nevermind. Karl is Karl. There is no other.

Karl is Karl. There is no other.

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Ever onward,

Jacob Unger.

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