A Proposition Concerning Doors — Chapter 2

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single gentleman who finds not pleasure in a good book must be intolerably stupid. … More A Proposition Concerning Doors — Chapter 2

Publishing Peace Ministries From The Inside

Publishing Peace Ministries, just launched their new website, and I’m stuck in the middle of the chaos. It turns out, working with a very ambitious organization is not no easy business. I spent nearly 15 hours straight trying to help with advertising and further blog plans. Fortunately it’s settled down for now, but this matter has by no means come to a close. You’ll be seeing me on the website every Friday before too long, so keep an eye out. You can find us at publishingpeace.org. … More Publishing Peace Ministries From The Inside

Pipes — A Short Story

Lots of people were doing lots of different things on the night of July 29th, 2019. Some people were enjoying time with their families. Some people were waiting in line at the movie theater. Some people, likely, were sleeping. Someone was probably having a birthday. Hopefully they were having a happy one. Me? I was driving a stolen, empty U-Haul truck five miles over the speed limit. … More Pipes — A Short Story