Older, Wiser, & More Delusional

I can see it now; you open up your inbox and see a strange and peculiar name pop up: Tobias Hrothgar. A sense of dread and disgust well up inside of you as traumatic memories resurface. It’s that blog. You had all but recovered from the time such emails appeared with frequency, and it’s all over. An era of peace and carelessness has died out and faded into the distant, empty night.

In short, Jacob Unger and Hrothgarian Productions are back, y’all (Yankees won’t understand) and we’ve got all new horrors for your entertainment.

In my time of solitudinous self-reflection (or ‘hiatus’, as the bloggers call it) I and the rest of the Hrothgarian Board of Schemers created a new division in the organization: The Hrothgarian Community & Communications Division. Sounds boring? Probably so, but we like to think otherwise. The important point is, we now have a Discord server! (You know it’s important when I use an exclamation point.)

Okay, so the server has been around for, what, almost two years now? Sad, I know, but the development team is a bunch of idiots so it took us a while to get things up and running right (still can’t really say it’s running smoothly).

If all goes as planned, this server will be an oasis for all you eccentric writers, artists, or simpletons out there. You can share your works of creativity and artistry, get feedback from like-minded odd-balls, or just post dumb memes. It’ll be delightful. We may even be able to set up some contests, roleplays, and other such activities that cause madness, confusion, and stress.

With that out of the way, we get to the boring and rather important stuff: Ask your parents before joining the server! We have a team working to keep it clean and family-friendly, but we can’t guarantee perfect security. Discord is a public place where all kinds of nasty nazgul, ogres, and spiders can crawl their way in the cracks and wreak unwanted havoc, so make sure you have parental consent before joining our server. If you’re 18 or older… I guess you’re the boss. Use your own judgement. We do have a screening process of sorts, which shouldn’t be a problem. Unless you’re a potential troll, then consider yourself thwarted.

Now we have the nasty dull business finished, so might as well get on your new home of madness! Join the link below, and share it with your friends. Or don’t share it with your friends if you’d rather spare them. That’s admirable.


Ever onward,

Jacob Unger

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