Who Is This Hrothgar Fellow?

tobias's hat

The question above is an excellent question. It is good to know who you are dealing with so as to better know when is an excellent time to stay away from them. You never know when you’re dealing with a serial killer who has a knack for tracking people down over the internet. Being aware of this information can give you time to destroy all your devices, pack up, and leave the country. Of course, you need not fear Tobias Hrothgar. He himself is in hiding from corrupt governments and misinformed governments; nevertheless, allow me to tell you a bit about the odd fellow.

Tobias Hrothgar has many interests, hobbies, and dislikes. Among these are stamp collecting, running, not dying, eating over-ripe oranges, and acting really cool (I’ll let you determine which is which). Unfortunately we don’t know much about his personal interests because he is quite secretive. This secrecy is for good reason though as Tobias is on the lam. No, not the lamb, the lam. There’s a slight difference. What we do know is that Tobias is currently residing–as an outlaw–in a very large, yet widely unknown continent just east of Antarctica. Well, it’s technically south-east-east-east but you get the idea.

Although he lives such a dangerous and unpleasant life, Hrothgar somehow manages to make time for his own enjoyment. In his free time, whilst hiding away in a wooden crate aboard a ship carrying nuclear weapons, he will write stories. Most of these stories are based off historical research he has gathered, but some are about his own life, and a few others are taken from his own imagination. All of it is quite fantastical for even the history he writes of is a history that has been forgotten; a history that most believe to be faerie tales.

You may be wondering how a man in hiding can have friends or associates. Well, it certainly isn’t easy, yet somehow he has managed to collect quite a number of them all around the world. The greatest among these are Karl Bickerstaff, Torfis Teffleman, Sames Muris, and Alfred Bob. These five are known collectively as the Ingenious 3 (yes, it makes perfect sense). The Ingenious 3 are also part of a larger group of associates who I personally like to call the Hrothgarians. Without this amazing group of fellow nutcases Tobias would most likely be dead at least fifty times over. Aren’t friends great?

Hopefully, with all that knowledge in mind, you will follow this blog. Of course, I can’t force you to, but I do have the ability to control your mind; so technically I can force you to. While you’re at it, please follow these other two fantastic bloggers. First is Karl Bickerstaff. He has a separate blog from his author site; a book review blog, which he calls the Wizards’ Warehouse. He reviews books from a Christian worldview. The other blogger is Elisha McFarland with his popular blog: Elisha McFarland. Elisha talks about a variety of things, especially worldview and Christianity. He introduced both Bickerstaff and me to WordPress. Thank you for your help Elisha.

What People Say About Hrothgar

Tobias is…. special, but not in the happy, fluffy way like in Hallmark movies. He’s a bit challenged in areas of common sense. Despite these flaws, I believe in him.

Janessa C. Southwark

Tobias is… Unique… He has extreme priority issues, especially when it comes to saving friends from mashed potatoes.

Torfis T. Teffleman

Mr Hrothgar exhibits forethought and promise in his writings, and has many believing in his capability to take these stories down the best avenue.

Thawthorn the Green