Books By Hrothgar

There are numerous books by the greatly famed Tobias Hrothgar but much to our sorrow very few have been published. However, there have been a few short things published, most of them to a Wattpad. Click this link to see his Wattpad profile and read his stories. Below you can find some information on a few of the major books he intends to publish soon.

The Ingenious Inception

This is Tobias Hrothgar’s own recollections of his of his past. It answers many questions about who he is including “How did the Ingenious 3 begin?”, “Why does most of the world believe you to be dangerous?”, and “Why are you the way you are?” It also begins a series that will mark one of the most most significant events in the history of our world.

the traveler book cover

The Traveler

The tale of an orphan boy who has a miserable life, until he discovers a hidden ability, & makes strange new friends, with whom he travels to impossible lands, created through imagination.

A Peculiar Undertaking

The Reese family is a very odd family, but that doesn’t keep them from encountering things that make them look normal. This is the tale of evil biker monks, valiant spoon fights, daring golf cart chases, & many more oddities.