Meet My MC — Tobias Hrothgar

Maya Joelle, a fellow blogging author, presented an interesting idea that I think she borrowed from another writer, and I decided I wanted to participate. Basically, as far as I can gather, I’m supposed to answer ten questions she presented in order to introduce and explain my MC (Main Character). For a further explanation, visit her post. … More Meet My MC — Tobias Hrothgar

Concerning Bickerstaff

This man is completely different from Torfis Teffleman in numerous ways, both good and bad. Karl is tall, he has a great length, and he is altitudinous (did I mention that he’s tall?). We can’t spend too long talking about his height, so we might as well move on to other matters concerning this skyscraper … More Concerning Bickerstaff

A Curious Coalition

Rumor has been spreading like wildfire. This is perfectly normal and happens all the time. Most of the rumors are not true, yet widely believed (like the one about Teffleman’s death), but some are quite true, yet widely ignored (like the one about the death of Chuck Norris). But there is one rumor that has … More A Curious Coalition