A Proposition Concerning Doors — Chapter 2

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single gentleman who finds not pleasure in a good book must be intolerably stupid. … More A Proposition Concerning Doors — Chapter 2

Pipes — A Short Story

Lots of people were doing lots of different things on the night of July 29th, 2019. Some people were enjoying time with their families. Some people were waiting in line at the movie theater. Some people, likely, were sleeping. Someone was probably having a birthday. Hopefully they were having a happy one. Me? I was driving a stolen, empty U-Haul truck five miles over the speed limit. … More Pipes — A Short Story

A Proposition Concerning Doors — Chapter 1

Advancement is a key characteristic of the modern world. Everything must be newer, better, and faster. All secrets must be uncovered so we can understand the world better and live in the utmost comfort and bliss. Always forward, ever onward, until every edge of the universe has been lit, and every mystery is understood. However, in their constant march toward the future very few people think to look back. True, the future holds innumerable secrets, but the past holds far more. It holds untold tales, unfound truths, and unattainable wisdom and knowledge. I have devoted my life to studying the past and uncovering it. If the whole world did likewise then advancement would be far more drastic; unfortunately, this is not the case. … More A Proposition Concerning Doors — Chapter 1

Courtroom Catastrophe — A Hrothgarian Tale

People come trickling slowly into the courtroom. Today is a very big case indeed, and the Hrothgarians intend to crack it. Everyone takes their places. Jericho McLaine prepares her stenotype, making sure it’s as loud as stenotype-ly possible. Karl Bickerstaff stands up and hammers his gavel, thus silencing everyone as we begin … More Courtroom Catastrophe — A Hrothgarian Tale