The Life Of A Peanut — A Short Story

This is a story unlike what you have ever heard before. It is not the story of a strong knight who defeats a mighty dragon. It is not the story of a mysterious man who allies with some other odd fellows who went on to be famous authors. It’s not even the story of a boy who is living a regular, boring life. This is the story of a peanut. A peanut who we will call Charlie.… Read More The Life Of A Peanut — A Short Story

Featured Story: Meta

Consider for a moment a scenario in which I informed you that my house was on fire. More than likely, you’d brush it off, right? After all, let’s be honest. Stories narrated in the first person (such as this one) often have some form of hook or introduction designed to draw you in, get you interested in what’s about to happen. In this case, however, I would ask you to suspend your disbelief. Let yourself be sucked in, and allow yourself to blur the line between what is fact and what is fiction. Trust me. That’s how stories work. Isn’t it? … Read More Featured Story: Meta

The Quiet Forest

You have probably said many times before that it’s “quiet”. You may have been in a library, alone in your bed late at night, or buried underground for your own reasons, trying to work your way to the surface. However, consider, if you would, your surrounding conditions during these times. It’s never truly been quiet, has it? Whether it’s the turn of the pages, the rustling of an unknown creature lurking outside, or even just the vibrations of the earth, there’s always noise all around you. Absolute and complete silence is something that very few people have experienced and which you do not want to experience. Now, with this in mind, let me introduce you to the quiet forest, Isychia. … Read More The Quiet Forest