The Butter-Cat In Short

Today we will look at a monologue I had to write and present before the Hrothgarian Science division. It is very informative and introduces a concept I intent to expound upon in a fact book in later years. Butter-Cat science is one of my greatest areas of interest, and I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed writing it. … More The Butter-Cat In Short

Pipes — A Short Story

Lots of people were doing lots of different things on the night of July 29th, 2019. Some people were enjoying time with their families. Some people were waiting in line at the movie theater. Some people, likely, were sleeping. Someone was probably having a birthday. Hopefully they were having a happy one. Me? I was driving a stolen, empty U-Haul truck five miles over the speed limit. … More Pipes — A Short Story

Courtroom Catastrophe — A Hrothgarian Tale

People come trickling slowly into the courtroom. Today is a very big case indeed, and the Hrothgarians intend to crack it. Everyone takes their places. Jericho McLaine prepares her stenotype, making sure it’s as loud as stenotype-ly possible. Karl Bickerstaff stands up and hammers his gavel, thus silencing everyone as we begin … More Courtroom Catastrophe — A Hrothgarian Tale