Pipes — A Short Story

Lots of people were doing lots of different things on the night of July 29th, 2019. Some people were enjoying time with their families. Some people were waiting in line at the movie theater. Some people, likely, were sleeping. Someone was probably having a birthday. Hopefully they were having a happy one. Me? I was driving a stolen, empty U-Haul truck five miles over the speed limit.… Read More Pipes — A Short Story

The Life Of A Peanut — A Short Story

This is a story unlike what you have ever heard before. It is not the story of a strong knight who defeats a mighty dragon. It is not the story of a mysterious man who allies with some other odd fellows who went on to be famous authors. It’s not even the story of a boy who is living a regular, boring life. This is the story of a peanut. A peanut who we will call Charlie.… Read More The Life Of A Peanut — A Short Story