Past Occurrences

A lot can happen in a short period of time. One day is filled with a lifetime of events. Imagine all that time extended over the past eight-thousand years. Then multiply it by the number of dimensional layers. There is more history across the entire dimensional foundation than there is room to write it down on. This being the case there are probably a lot of interesting stories to tell about past events. Therefore, that is what we intend to begin posting here.

Every week (or not) we’ll tell you about an interesting moment in history that very few people have heard. Most of these events will pertain to strange appearances and disappearances, unusual persons, fantastical natural anomalies that are believed to be fairy tales, and much more. I’ll post one of such stories today, then I’ll attempt to do them every Wednesday from now on.

In May of 1347 in various places along the equator, some strange lights appeared across the sky. As one Arabian explorer recorded, “The lights danced across the sky like water.” As far as we can gather these lights were some form of equatorial auroras. A few observations have been recorded since then, but never before has there been so many sightings at once. We have no idea what was happening in the background at this event to produce this strange anomaly, but maybe we’ll figure it out one day.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this first in a long series of posts to come. Subscribe for more, like this post, and share it. We’ll get back to you soon.

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