The Quiet Forest

You have probably said many times before that it’s “quiet”. You may have been in a library, alone in your bed late at night, or buried underground for your own reasons, trying to work your way to the surface. However, consider, if you would, your surrounding conditions during these times. It’s never truly been quiet, has it? Whether it’s the turn of the pages, the rustling of an unknown creature lurking outside, or even just the vibrations of the earth, there’s always noise all around you. Absolute and complete silence is something that very few people have experienced and which you do not want to experience. Now, with this in mind, let me introduce you to the quiet forest, Isychia.

We’re not completely sure as to how Isychia began but I want to share with you Tobias’s theory which I found in his notes. Tobias believes that an excess amount of time residue managed to find its way into our world and react with the newly forming seeds. For this to make any sense you first need to understand what time residue is so allow me to expound. Residual time is the “product” when there is a disturbance in space-time. The more significant the event, the greater the amount of residue that forms. This residue acts as a form of “echo” that bounces around, fading away as it gets further from its point of origin. So, you could come the conclusion that history was planted and grew into a forest that remembers. I suppose that’s not any easier to understand, but that’s the best I can explain the matter. As a result of this all, the forest grew quickly and just as quickly began to be noticed.

Our first record of the quiet forest was in Europe during the mid twelfth century. A scholar by the name of Richard Clarke wrote that “the woods give everything that you could long for, and they satisfy the desires of the heart.” They were said to be enchanted and could grant any wishes. Unfortunately, it all came to an end. No one’s sure what happened but about thirty years later the woods became a curse. Those who went in would never return. Anyone who did return would be, in the best of cases, scarred for life and in the worst cases, completely insane. All of them alike would tell stories of the woods being like an entity, longing to cause them pain and fear, sending the most horrific of beasts upon them, and most of all was the silence. A screeching, ear pounding silence. There was not a sound of footsteps, breathing, or even heartbeats. Most of the survivors for the rest of their lives would be making a constant sound. Some would tap their feet, some would sing or whistle, some of the most strongly affected ones would constantly scream.

As to how the forest fell? There are no records that I know of. That point in history went nearly as silent as the forest. Where the forest once lay there are now countless bones buried in the earth. No one has lived in that area for many centuries, and it even the trees that now grow there are few and sickly. The bones under the earth there are as many as a very great civilization. We have no idea what caused this great tragedy. We may never know. Just remember from now on that the silence you know is nothing compared to the silence that could be.

Let’s wrap it up on that happy note and tie it in a bow. Hopefully Tobias Hrothgar will write more about this intriguing subject but until then why don’t you follow us for more posts like this.

Ever onward,

Jacob Unger.

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