Publishing Peace Ministries From The Inside

So… (Cracks knuckles impressively) It’s already been three days, but I’m still excited. I have a lot of sleepless nights ahead of me.

Publishing Peace Ministries, just launched their new website, and I’m stuck in the middle of the chaos. It turns out, working with a very ambitious organization is not no easy business. I spent nearly 15 hours straight trying to help with advertising and further blog plans. Fortunately it’s settled down for now, but this matter has by no means come to a close. You’ll be seeing me on the website every Friday before too long, so keep an eye out. You can find us at

Now, I think I’ll give you a quick tour of the website along with an idea of what’s to come.

At the opening of the site, we find various posts written by our PPM writing team. These are just samples, to give you an idea of what’s to come. There will various articles on biblical, spiritual, and societal matters, each post meant to draw teens closer to the LORD. In this writing team, you can find Elisha McFarland, Karl Bickerstaff, Joel Martin, Mary Elizabeth, and Thomas (I don’t know the fella personally).

The creative writing team is small at the moment, but it should grow pretty quickly. Among this team’s writers are Karleigh Provost (rarely) and myself. We will write a wide variety of things including satire, fiction, and whatever forms of creative writing there are. It’s going to be fantastic.

When you’re on the website on desktop, you’ll find the menu to the left side of the screen. When you click on “Topics” you’ll be presented with a list of topics, to help you find the kind of post you’re looking for. You could also search for a specific post by clicking “Search”.

The “Videos” link leads to the PPM YouTube channel. At the moment I don’t think you’ll find any content there, so you can subscribe to the channel to be notified the moment our first content is posted there. The YouTube channel is headed by Karleigh Provost and Bjorn, and like the blog, it will contain both serious and entertainment related content.

On the “About” page you can read a short summary of what we do, as well as a statement of our beliefs as a Christian community and the standards we live to uphold.

On the “Contact” page you can fill out the form to ask questions, make suggestions, and talk with the members PPM personally.

Click “Donate” to give us financial support on GoFundMe, so that we can keep on making new content and sharing gospel with those in need.

Under “Donate” you’ll find the “Subscribe” button. Fill out the form to receive emails twice a week updating you on the most recent blog posts.

You should start seeing new content within the next two weeks. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are the days for Elisha’s team while Wednesdays and and Fridays are the creative writing days. Finally, on Saturdays, you’ll see articles written by various guest writers.

Well, there’s my somewhat boring tour to our very own Publishing Peace Ministries website. Once again, subscribe to PPM at, and for a more detailed post about what we do, you can read Elisha’s post on the matter.

Follow me and like this post, then follow me on social media. Or not, if you don’t feel like it. But it’d be nice if you feel like it.

Ever onward,

Jacob Unger.

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